Why Outsource to The Paralegal Team?

There are several vital benefits in employing a virtual paralegal service like The Paralegal Team:

It saves your client money.

When legal tasks are performed by The Paralegal Team, your clients save money.  Billing your client for an in-house Paralegal would subject the client to minimum bill-out rates. The bill-out rate for an in-house Paralegal is typically $80 or more per hour. However, if your firm chooses to utilize The Paralegal Team, you will remain competitive by providing the ability to pass down significant savings to your clients.

Decrease Operating Expenses

Outsourcing paralegal work to The Paralegal Team removes the expense of accommodating a full-time permanent in-house paralegal who requires vacation time, financial benefits, office or cubicle space, and a computer, in addition to providing a full-time salary.  The Paralegal Team provides the opportunity to inexpensively outsource only the jobs that you need, when you need them.

Quicker Turn-Around Time

The Paralegal Team is not bogged down with the daily tasks required of a law firm’s support staff. We are experienced and well-trained paralegals who have the opportunity to focus solely on the tasks assigned. Therefore, time consuming assignments and tasks are completed much more efficiently.

Frees Up In-House Resources

Associates, paralegals and legal assistants can focus their valuable time on more substantive billable work when mundane tasks are outsourced.